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Landscape Design services

We offer landscape design services for your home garden.  We specialise in coastal garden design but can work with you wherever you are to create your dream garden or landscaping project. That could be native Australian landscaping, European cottage gardens, wild gardens full of grasses and perennials, or whatever your perfect outdoor space may be.


Engaging a qualified landscape designer is an investment in the long term value of your property and enhances the outlook from your home to bring an additional layer of character to your outdoor spaces.

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bulding design
Pelican Brief Landscape Design plan by Carl Huges of Seaside Homes Design

Landscape Design

Our landscape design projects include the following services.

Stage 1

Preparation of concept drawings inclusive of the following:  

  • Site Analysis taking into account: climate, sun path, slopes, soil, architectural style, existing flora and privacy issues

  • Scaled site plan showing nominated Design spaces, 

  • Indicative Planting Plan

  • Indicative Material Palette

Stage 2
  • Detailed Landscape Plans

  • 2 Elevations 

  • 3d model of a significant Design space

  • Comprehensive Planting Schedule, Planting Palette and Planting Plan

  • Material Palette and Schedule

Carl Hughes landscape design for Seaside Homes featuring native grass and concrete decorat

Concept Design

In collaboration with you we create concepts and drafts of what your dream garden and landscape projects will include.

It has to be perfect.

Project Management

Support, guidance and management throughout your project so you get the best results for your new outdoor spaces.

Detailed Plans & Models

Detailed landscape design plans that include elevations, 3D modelling of your landscape project as guidance on long term care for your plants and materials.

Landscape and garden design incorporating structural elements that accentuate the natural

Project Management

Creating the perfect outdoor space for your home isn't just about getting the design right. It's about managing contractors, getting Council approval and making sure your landscape plan adheres to all local council codes and requirements. For example, making sure your deck is adhering to compliance codes, or your retaining wall is not just beautiful but also is accepted by Council and your neighbours before you spend money building it.

We handle all the documentation and communications with Council on your behalf so you don't have to try and figure it out on your own or worry about anything. 

To this end, we prepare all the plans and documents you'll need to submit your application for approval, and can help manage the whole project from start to finish.

Project Management

All Planning

We do all the planning required for your application including:

Landscape Plans (Site Plan, Site Analysis, Planting Plan and Material Palette), Elevations, 3D landscape modelling and material schedule.


We liaise with council on your behalf to make sure the plans for your dream garden are approved. We prepare all Council Application Documents so that you don't have the stress of making sure your structural landscape components adhere to local codes and remain the contact for all council enquiries.

Project Management

As your liaison we work with council, contractors, landscapers, and anyone else involved in making your new outdoor natural spaces a reality.

We handle all aspects of managing your landscaping project so it runs as smoothly as possible.

Sustainable Garden designs

A sustainable garden is healthy and will continue to be healthy and beautiful.  We work with the natural environment to foster biodiversity in your garden and take into account the natural flora and fauna local to your region in the design process. This means the plants and materials used in your landscape design will have the best chance of thriving in your local conditions and look stunning.

We can also work with indigenous plants used in traditional Aboriginal food and medicine to set up your very own bush tucker garden.

Seaside Landscape Designs logo element of a japanese maple branch
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