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What we do

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We are building designers. We design and coordinate everything you need to build a new home. We design your project from starting concept to final plans, and provide all necessary documentation and requirements needed for the construction of your home.

Our consultation process is all about you. We're here for you every step of the way and make sure your voice and vision is prioritised.

Our designs are a celebration of life through intimate spaces.

Seaside Homes Head Office. Carriage house style offices with raked ceiling over porch designed by Seaside Homes
what we do


Design the building from concept to final plans, based on your unique needs.


Provision and planning of all necessary documentation & approvals.


Liaising with council, contractors and all project planning requirements.

The Enduringly beautiful Process

For us, a house is more than just a building, it's a place that you spend years of your life in. We want your home to be something you are proud of even decades after it was built. This is why we use design concepts that are enduringly beautiful. Elegant, modern and functional. Like Audrey Hepburn in house form.

Melanie's design process and her journey with you

When I start the design process for a new home, the first goal is to understand the inherent features of the land. This allows me to fit the structure into the best location so it can sit gently in its environment.


Every site will have views we want to enhance and those we want to disguise. The slope of the land, the existence of mature trees, and of course, the pattern of the sun across the land, are critical to the decision of where the home should be positioned. 


Once that decision is made, the spaces lay themselves out in my mind. The best entry location, the perfect winter terrace, the kitchen island with the “Queens location”, ….. where all of the main rooms can be surveyed from.


When I sit down with the owners to discuss their design brief they are often surprised that I take no notes. This is the most critical conversation we will have and my full attention is on the story they wish to tell me. The ebb and flow of our discussion adds textured layers to the core information.


I acknowledge the responsibility I am taking on to enhance the day-to-day experience of the people who will live a home I have designed. I hope to create spaces they love and feel connected and relaxed in. 


Ultimately, I seek to design beautiful homes that will endure in a timeless way.

Seaside Homes Beautiful Home Design Logo
why we do it
Elegant office space for design firm with antique timber flooring designed by Seaside Homes
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why we do it

Home is the centre of everything we do. It is our anchor point, where we gather with the people we love, our sanctuary. It is the most important space in our lives. To have a home designed for you is a luxury not many people get to experience and we believe it should be a joyous experience from start to finish.

Our APproach

We know how intimidating it can be starting a building project, especially for anyone unfamiliar with the designing process. This is way our consultation process is designed to be as empowering as possible, so that you feel confident, heard and supported. We don't use architectural jargon, unless you want us to, and we only use builders and contractors that show our clients respect. After all, this is your dream home we're building, and we want to make sure you have fond memories of the construction of your home once you've moved in.

We design homes so that you can enjoy the journey and at the end, move into a home you love.

Seaside Homes Beautiful Home Design Logo
About Melanie
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ABout Melanie

Melanie Symington is the principle designer and owner of Seaside Homes. She has been designing homes for 25 years.  She is a multi-award winning building designer. She has been winning state and national design awards regularly since 2008.


She was raised on construction sites which has lead to a passion for creating homes and curating an exceptional customer journey that empowers clients as part of the design process. She believes in the celebration of life through intimate spaces and wants to help people experience the joy of having their dream home designed for them.


Accredited Building Designer

Accredited GreenSmart Designer

Melanie Symington in her office at Seaside Homes headquarters.
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