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Building design services

We design homes that are sustainable, functional & beautiful. We work with our clients to compose a design brief to build homes that cover all your existing and future lifestyle requirements. We use an architectural & sustainability focus for our home design & renovation projects.

Our services include: 

  • Preparation of Concept Drawings

  • Design and Documentation of New Homes

  • Design and Documentation of Alterations and Additions to residences

  • Design and Documentation of Multi-residential Projects

  • Consultant co-ordination, pre and post application

  • Council Submission

  • Contract Administration

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House Design Plans

Building Design

Seaside Homes Building Design Services cover a broad range of project options. From your first home that you can raise your family in, to the home you can grow old in and everything in between. We make sure your dream home falls in line with your budget, does everything you want it to do, and most importantly, is a space for you to celebrate life in.

The journey we take together is an intimate one built on trust, respect and with all the love a home should embody.

Renovation of an old red brick home transformed into waterfront luxury home with landscaped pool designed by Seaside Homes

Concept Design

In collaboration with you we create concepts and drafts of what your dream home will include. It has to be perfect.

New Builds & Renovations

Design and documentation of New Builds, Alterations and Additions, Extension and Renovations.

Multi-residential Projects

Designs for multi-residential projects, duplexes and larger projects.

Family beach house on sloping site with stone edge pool designed by Seaside Homes
house design plans

Plans & Advocacy

Building a home isn't just about getting the design right. It's about managing contractors, getting Council approval and making sure your home adheres to all local council building codes and requirements. 

We handle all the documentation and communications with Council on your behalf so you don't have to try and figure it out on your own or worry about anything. 

To this end, we prepare all the plans and documents you'll need to submit your application for approval, and can help manage the whole project from start to finish.

All Planning

We do all the planning required for your application including:

Architectural Plans (Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations and a Section), Site Analysis, Waste Management Plans, Basix/energy Assessment, and Mine Subsidence Board Plan stamping.


We liaise with council on your behalf to make sure the plans for your dream home are approved. We prepare all Council Application Documents (DA and CC) so that you don't have the stress of making sure your building adheres to local codes and remain the contact for all council enquiries.

Project Management

As your liaison we work with council, contractors, builders and anyone else involved in making your new home a reality.

We handle all aspects of managing your new build or renovation project so it runs as smoothly as possible.

Sustainable home designs

Sustainable design is an intrinsic element in all of our homes.
The basics of orienting living spaces to the north, creating cross ventilation patterns, protecting windows and doors from summer sun, and many other standard design practices, are absolute requirements. Immersing these considerations in the design results in the home performing beautifully, with no additional construction cost required.

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We are an Accredited Green Smart Design Firm and instinctively incorporate the principles of sustainability in all of our projects.

Seaside Homes will incorporate in your design solar passive design principles like the following, to create a beautiful and sustainable home:

  • Ideal positioning of the residence on the site

  • Creation of cross ventilation patterns

  • Maximising of thermal mass opportunities

  • Protection of glazing units from summer sun, whilst allowing winter access

  • Optimum specification of insulation

Hamptons style alfresco area, custom built entertainment porch surrounded by trees facing the lake designed by Seaside Homes
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